Yazar: Murat Aykaç Erginöz
Çeviren: Stuart Kline
1. Basım
106 Sayfa
ISBN 978-605-9366-18-2
Barkod :9786059366182
A Majestic Love
Murat Aykaç Erginöz

A Majestic Love is a play about the connection between love and Mimar Sinan’s work.
The writer Murat Aykaç Erginöz has woven Sinan’s life and works into the storyline of the play, breathing life into the famous personalities and events of the Ottoman Empire during the 16th century.
Erginöz relates how a true love doomed by a difference in rank and status inspired Imperial Architect Sinan to turn undressed stone into works of art that survive to this day as architectural masterpieces.
Penned for its readers and spectators to learn and contemplate the past, A Majestic Love is destined to take its place among Murat Aykaç Erginöz' architectural and literary accomplishments. It is a melancholy, tragic and occasionally comic journey back through time.